Use Long-Term Memory or Lose it!

Problem: As we get busier and more distracted, we lose more long-term memory, capacity for recall, and even collective memory. This is because, in order to increase our pace to keep up with change, we are constantly practicing and reinforcing quick intuitive and instinctive thinking, while avoiding deliberation. Deliberation is slow and takes effort, butContinue reading “Use Long-Term Memory or Lose it!”

Chant to soul-finding path

Chant, rhythm and song are an ancient and perhaps universal path to meditation and maybe even enlightenment. Different cultures have their own approach. Here is a sampling to fill your mind with a profound emptiness. Meditation is a way for the seer to see the seer within. South Asia – Central Europe – reading “Chant to soul-finding path”

Simplify Our Worldviews

As the total volume of published and shared knowledge continues to accelerate, each of us gets a diminishing portion of the total knowledge. What does this mean? It means that there is an increasing probability that people you are communicating with will not share the same knowledge and assumptions. What does this mean? It meansContinue reading “Simplify Our Worldviews”

Listen to your better Angels within

Listen to your better angels within. While in training for cognitive coaching years ago, I learned that people under stress resort to their areas of greatest strengths. This means that whatever are your dominant talents, dispositions, or personality traits, these will become more pronounced in your thinking. From an evolutionary psychology POV, this is probablyContinue reading “Listen to your better Angels within”

Understanding Before Judgement

I find myself moving away from moral judgement and toward psychological analysis and treatment of the many people who are not dealing effectively with our current reality. To help those who are suffering from delusions, anger or depression we need a different approach than moral condemnation. This just does not work. Even if psychology isContinue reading “Understanding Before Judgement”

Thanksgiving and Mental Illness Awareness

Giving appreciation and forgiveness have both been shown to promote mental health, well-being and happiness. Consider and appreciate the biggest miracle gift of all. You and I exist. No one can explain that. We cannot even comprehend the alternative — that nothing at all exists. By default, nothing should exist, not even space and time.Continue reading “Thanksgiving and Mental Illness Awareness”

Today’s Adult Conversation

How does one carry on a constructive conversation today?  Maybe it can go something like this… “These are troubling times.” Doh! Obvious! Our species sits in the middle of a global viral pandemic and an economic recession. Is that all? No. We have other complicating factors too. Like what? Climate change? Yes, and loss ofContinue reading “Today’s Adult Conversation”