Bait and Switch Politics is Nothing New

Of course, people who want power and influence tell you what you want to hear. Its called seduction. They don’t want to create a new enemy. They already have an enemy in mid for you, you know who it is, and they’re going to protect you from that enemy. Its mutually advantageous for both leftContinue reading “Bait and Switch Politics is Nothing New”


Dear Diary:All systems break down from too much noise, information that can’t be meaningfully interpreted and managed.When change is too frequent for reaction.When there are too many moving parts to track.When the linkages and consequences are too long and diverse to monitor.When learning curves are endless and not recyclable, and skills and knowledge are thenContinue reading “Still”

Universal Information Architecture

I think our imaginations are being stretched to the point where we can begin to believe anything is possible. The web connecting billions of people you don’t know is a fire-hose of information that overwhelms our cognitive capacities and sends us into shock, further reducing our capacity to manage information. Is there a way out?ThisContinue reading “Universal Information Architecture”

Practise! There is still more…

Dear Diary:Practice makes perfect.As I explore the universe I realize that meanings run out to infinity, as force fields dissipate into oblivion. Is there a sharp line between the concrete and the abstract?No. It is a continuum from perception to perfection, with an asymptote at either end progressing toward the ultimate reality-in-itself, but never reachingContinue reading “Practise! There is still more…”

Use Long-Term Memory or Lose it!

Problem: As we get busier and more distracted, we lose more long-term memory, capacity for recall, and even collective memory. This is because, in order to increase our pace to keep up with change, we are constantly practicing and reinforcing quick intuitive and instinctive thinking, while avoiding deliberation. Deliberation is slow and takes effort, butContinue reading “Use Long-Term Memory or Lose it!”