Practise! There is still more…

Dear Diary:Practice makes perfect.As I explore the universe I realize that meanings run out to infinity, as force fields dissipate into oblivion. Is there a sharp line between the concrete and the abstract?No. It is a continuum from perception to perfection, with an asymptote at either end progressing toward the ultimate reality-in-itself, but never reachingContinue reading “Practise! There is still more…”

The Shifting Notion of Morality

I sense that our human notion of morality is shifting, perhaps in profound ways. We used to think of moral behaviour in terms of the ancient codes of don’t do this or that. “If you do that you will be punished.” People were treated as ‘moral agents’ of goodness or evil, angels or demons. Now,Continue reading “The Shifting Notion of Morality”

Personal Resilience

I am impressed with the social media displays of personal resilience in the face of our common yet uncommon troubles. I see landscapes that ground us. I see paintings that express us. I see humor that refills us. I see poems that reframe us in our world, and hear music that reminds us of ourContinue reading “Personal Resilience”

The Old Path to a New Normal

Dear Diary:I believe the path to any new normal begins inside each of us. We are each on our own personal journeys. This has always been true.Each day we create ourselves anew.We bring forward our best self and leave the residue behind, like shedding our skins.Each day each person reconnects with the others with whomContinue reading “The Old Path to a New Normal”