Practise! There is still more…

Dear Diary:
Practice makes perfect.
As I explore the universe I realize that meanings run out to infinity, as force fields dissipate into oblivion. Is there a sharp line between the concrete and the abstract?
No. It is a continuum from perception to perfection, with an asymptote at either end progressing toward the ultimate reality-in-itself, but never reaching beyond the mind.
All my life I have practiced projecting myself into the abstract in the perennial search for greater profundity. I got pretty good at it, even as a teenager. But as psychology goes to help the abnormal fit into a normal society, its not helping the normal fit into an abnormal society. I am a groomed and suited to this churn. Or am I? My soul levitates above the fray. For better or worse…
I have had my share of mindfulness, ecstasy, and peak experiences. I have felt transcendence toward nirvana. I have also felt the pull toward the philosopher’s exit strategy into nihilism.
I have plumbed the depths of soul migration to the beginning and end of time, to the edges of infinity. I see the fractal pattern of universal law permeate the order with rudimentary logic as a template. I follow the trumpet’s call.
I have come to believe that there is a universal memory and imagination, an inner consciousness accompanying all energy-matter, regardless of how simple or primeval.
I believe we can connect to that eternal bliss and improve the performance. It begins with a thin thread but with adherence it grows to a rope.
I have seen things. I know. But more importantly, logic alone has also taken me there with mathematical certainty.
All that has happened still exists in a universal collective memory. All that will happen now exists in the universal collective imagination.
Yet now the corporeal is instantaneous in an infinitesimally small and ignorant revolving glimpse.
Yes, Dad, I know! There is still more…

Published by Randal B. Adcock

Independent author on philosophy and the human condition The ideas expressed in this blog are wholly my own and do not represent the opinions of any other organization or entity.

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