About The Author

Short Biography

  • Over forty years of experience in development processes – personal, business, group, organizational, economic and community development
  • Social entrepreneur, economic developer, business coach, blogger, thinker
  • Co-Founder, Wayfinders Business Co-operative
  • Master of Arts in Community Development
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Sociology
  • Continuing education certificates and courses in management development, adult learning, business analysis, process management


Two pieces of advice for a troubled yet aspiring world: 1) Hope is the best long term motivator, so live primarily by positive goals; and 2) Be prepared for the worst because our world is becoming quite unpredictable.

Our collective attitude, or emotional intelligence, is a critical beginning.  Many people believe the human race is at multiple tipping points approaching a “perfect storm“. Any number of unresolved critical issues of global significance could converge to create a reeling chaos and downward spiral from which there is no return. Yet, in many amazing ways, life for most of us on the planet has never had such promise.

Although history repeats itself, we live in unprecedented times.  While we have experienced rapidly accelerating growth and development, no one alive has experience in managing the totality of complex weighty issues facing us today.  Globalization, accelerating growth of technology, AI and automation, weaponization, information overload, climate change, disparity between rich and poor, declining resources and our shear numbers of people (just for starters) — conspire to make a daunting challenge for the best minds in our world’s most intelligent forums.

We are in this situation together, and we must address the situation together, bringing our top individual performances to the table. We must create a meaningful shared worldview and bravely define humanity in the most positive terms. For the first time in history, we cannot afford to let civilization simply evolve as we control development at the personal and organizational levels alone.  We must develop the smartest planning and wisest management tools possible and design our common future.

This demands a priority on starting with personal development. It is in the personal subjective being that we live, subject to our biological, chemical and physical constitutions as evolved over millions of years. From the personal frame of reference we carefully add complementary pairs and groups, organizations, communities and beyond. Each of us has the efficacy to shape our world if we proceed in this systematic methodical manor.

I am integrating a few core ideas into a single coherent and meaningful program through active participation:

  • Acquiring the Discipline of High-Leverage Systems Thinking
  • Mastering the Art of Collective Intelligence
  • Quest for Greater Meaning
  • Crafting Practical Wisdom
  • Defining Human Identity
  • Building Civil Resilience With Complex Adaptive Systems
  • Designing Our Future Civilization

and then making it all work!

"I think, therefore I am."

If, in essence, you are a “thinking thing” then it makes sense to focus on improved thinking. What could produce a higher rate of return?  What could produce higher leverage? Is there any better amplifier or multiplier than the improved ability to think?

Improved ability to think translates into improved learning and performance in everything you do. But while you’re at it, why not work on the intelligence of the pairs, groups and organizations in which you work and live?  In this way, intelligence becomes a shared concern that reinforces your own learning path. Its about synergy. You and those who surround you get exponentially better. Meanwhile you are then seen as a leader of the most important cause.

I am trying to promote greater intelligence — personal and shared, potential and actual. Our purpose is to help you manage your natural learning and development processes to bring new life to all levels of engagement in human organization – individuals, groups, corporations and institutions, communities, nations and the global village.

My Values and Beliefs

There is a successful business model, organization or community for you or anyone who wants one. You must select or create one that works for you!

There are many measures of business, organizational and community success. There are as many measures of success as there are people trying to succeed. Money is not the ultimate measure of value.

My Vision

What do I envision?
I promote intelligence among all individuals and their various organizations. This is not simply raising your personal IQ, but improving your ability to set and achieve appropriate goals at all levels of organized social, economic, political and cultural activity.

Underlying all types and levels of human organization, including the individual, is a set of common concepts and principles. Human organizations, like all things, are in some ways similar and in some ways different compared to other organizations. Within these patterns of similarity and difference there is intelligence. And there is intelligence in the observer discerning and using these patterns.

Our challenge, as humans, is to figure out the meaningful patterns of similarities and differences that when mastered allow us maximum control of our destinies in our complex environment. We must recognize important patterns of success and replicate them with appropriate adaptations. We must also recognize patterns of failure and avoid replicating them in similar situations. Its all about pattern recognition and replicationmonkey see and monkey do.

My Mission

I support people who want to achieve their greatest potential in their chosen field of endeavor, and assist them in making their most valuable contribution to their groups, organizations and communities. I help people create their own best person, and in the process, contribute to the definition of what it means to be human.

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