Averting Civil Collapse

I often need to  frame my discussions in the broad context. We are value generators relentlessly pursuing top return on investment in a layered framework of valued options. There is no value without truth, and no truth without meaning. Meanings are based on placing the foreground against background context. I will continue and try harderContinue reading “Averting Civil Collapse”

Beginning of the End or End of the Beginning?

Worst Case Scenario:Critical anchoring ideas may become dislodged from our shared worldviews causing disordered thinking and profound chaos Just toying with some ideas. I am not trying to scare anyone. I merely suggest a level of preparedness for more to come. Maybe there is a solution if we admit the problem.⁠We live within a semanticContinue reading “Beginning of the End or End of the Beginning?”

The Old Path to a New Normal

Dear Diary:I believe the path to any new normal begins inside each of us. We are each on our own personal journeys. This has always been true.Each day we create ourselves anew.We bring forward our best self and leave the residue behind, like shedding our skins.Each day each person reconnects with the others with whomContinue reading “The Old Path to a New Normal”

Chant to soul-finding path

Chant, rhythm and song are an ancient and perhaps universal path to meditation and maybe even enlightenment. Different cultures have their own approach. Here is a sampling to fill your mind with a profound emptiness. Meditation is a way for the seer to see the seer within. South Asia – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vq6Ot2RiEc Central Europe – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng9sSR7qBAEContinue reading “Chant to soul-finding path”