Listen to your better Angels within

Listen to your better angels within.

While in training for cognitive coaching years ago, I learned that people under stress resort to their areas of greatest strengths. This means that whatever are your dominant talents, dispositions, or personality traits, these will become more pronounced in your thinking.

From an evolutionary psychology POV, this is probably an inherited survival strategy for the community. We bond over a common outside threat and specialize in what we do best to play our roles.

At the same time, under times of stress we become more inclined to follow a strong and smart leader (of your choice), focus and prepare to follow the mission strategy. The natural leader has a personal strength of being able to 1) assess a situation (opportunities and threats), 2) stay cool, 3) understand the human resources (strengths and weaknesses), 4) strategize and 5) appropriately delegate task to talent. A temporary steeper social hierarchy of control emerges for unified action.

Mother Nature made you a creative problem-solver within your domain, so ‘necessity is the Mother of invention!’ So, follow your inner Nature. Follow your chosen leader. Let your talents and passions flow. May the force of Nature be within you!

All of this flows so naturally that you are almost completely unaware. But you feel the stress hormones in your blood – adrenaline and cortisol. You are ready to do battle or engage the most dangerous game. You are pumped, but now the directions are unclear. We’re just told to ‘stay put‘.

In our ancestral tribal past we knew the leaders, our allies and the enemies. Our plans were practiced and perfected. But now, ‘someone stepped on the ant hill’. We don’t know our positions. We desperately seek sound leaders, their plans and our allies.
Today, communicating on the web is like talking to the souls of the disembodied dead. The enemy is invisible but we see them everywhere. We disagree on leaders. Potential allies are either ghastly outspoken radicals or they’re dead quiet.

We need to pause, raise our mindfulness, divert our focus and energies from battle readiness to something constructive, like building our future together. Getting into shape. Putting our homes in order. Making new friends. Starting or reinventing your business. Building a better community. Joining an energy conservation initiative. The options are limitless. Start small or build on your accomplishments and test reality.

Your body has received a call to action!

Divert the stress to a constructive activity that calls for your special talents and passions! Now is the time to deploy your super-powers for the good of humanity and our planet!

Published by Randal B. Adcock

Independent author on philosophy and the human condition The ideas expressed in this blog are wholly my own and do not represent the opinions of any other organization or entity.

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