The Global Brains Co-operative

May 29, 2014 Event for an introduction to the Global Brains Co-operative. Let’s go! “Creating your place in the future” Whether you are a professional, self-employed or manage a business or non-profit organization, in this complex shifting world: How relevant is your plan? Do you have the quality information you really need to make solidContinue reading “The Global Brains Co-operative”

Integrated Intelligence Initiative

In a nutshell, what am I working on? Problem: Due to technology acceleration, information overload and network connectedness, our civil systems are becoming more complex at a compounded exponential rate. The human brain was designed by evolution for a far simpler hunting and gathering world. While the animal instinct is to be optimistic (and thereforeContinue reading “Integrated Intelligence Initiative”

Managing the Super-Exponential Growth of Civil Complexity

The public service must look beyond its traditional scope and provide global leadership in order to manage the super-exponential growth of civil complexity while maintaining the planet’s health. Consider these assumptions and conclusions: Assume: In order for any system to continue it must not kill it’s host Assume: Human civilization is a vast complex web ofContinue reading “Managing the Super-Exponential Growth of Civil Complexity”