The Global Brains Co-operative

May 29, 2014 Event for an introduction to the Global Brains Co-operative. Let’s go!

“Creating your place in the future”

Whether you are a professional, self-employed or manage a business or non-profit organization, in this complex shifting world:

  • How relevant is your plan?
  • Do you have the quality information you really need to make solid decisions?
  • Do you have the resilience to adapt to the changing business environment?
  • Are you able to find and attract the best people and expertise available?
  • How do you know if you are going to get the best return on your investment of time, effort and money?

Global Brains Co-op builds on a number of converging trends and is creating an opportunity for a new robust agile service platform to help improve your management and performance:

  • Online collaboration and business match-making
  • Crowdsourcing ideas and project financing
  • Management training using a systems approach
  • Access to big data analytics and business intelligence tools
  • Decision support systems for small organizations
  • Cloud computing with service integration
  • Open World – open learning, open government, open data, open-source software…

Global Brains Co-op represents the new platform for people around the world to integrate personal, organizational and artificial intelligence, and do it in a meaningful practical way.

Get totally wired with Integrated Intelligence – personal, organizational and artificial intelligence

Global Brains Co-op will be:

  • A member-oriented service
  • Self-governing – one member-one share-one vote
  • Offering a complete suite of tools to support integrated intelligence
  • Supported by live meetings and public forums
  • Supported by a research and development team
  • Linked to a network of advanced professional resources

Come and see if this is a good fit for your future management needs.

You can get in on the ground floor of a significant landmark opportunity now!

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Independent author on philosophy and the human condition The ideas expressed in this blog are wholly my own and do not represent the opinions of any other organization or entity.

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