A Short HIstory of a Complex Civilization

Birth of A Complex Global Civilization | My grandfather, Ben Garside, died in 1970 when I was 15 years old. Born in 1880, he had lived nearly his entire life in one house or another with no insulation, no furnace, no phone, no electricity or running water. He was a farmer-turned-market-gardener. He didn’t see anContinue reading “A Short HIstory of a Complex Civilization”

Civil Science Tripod

The 21st century is overloaded with opportunities and challenges. The fundamental question of our time concerns the management of civil systems which are growing in complexity at a super-exponential rate.  While we experience technology acceleration we are compounding the complexity of each other’s environments. Information overload, fragmentation of disciplinary thought, and distrust of institutions areContinue reading “Civil Science Tripod”

The Global Brains Co-operative

May 29, 2014 Event for an introduction to the Global Brains Co-operative. Let’s go! “Creating your place in the future” Whether you are a professional, self-employed or manage a business or non-profit organization, in this complex shifting world: How relevant is your plan? Do you have the quality information you really need to make solidContinue reading “The Global Brains Co-operative”

Integrated Intelligence Initiative

In a nutshell, what am I working on? Problem: Due to technology acceleration, information overload and network connectedness, our civil systems are becoming more complex at a compounded exponential rate. The human brain was designed by evolution for a far simpler hunting and gathering world. While the animal instinct is to be optimistic (and thereforeContinue reading “Integrated Intelligence Initiative”

Managing the Super-Exponential Growth of Civil Complexity

The public service must look beyond its traditional scope and provide global leadership in order to manage the super-exponential growth of civil complexity while maintaining the planet’s health. Consider these assumptions and conclusions: Assume: In order for any system to continue it must not kill it’s host Assume: Human civilization is a vast complex web ofContinue reading “Managing the Super-Exponential Growth of Civil Complexity”

Framing Public Policy

Framing Public Policy An intelligent discussion of public policy should begin with the broadest understanding of what public policy really is. Usually citizens, the media, public servants and politicians think of public policy in terms of general rules made by governments for decision making on specific issues of public interest.  The policies will guide notContinue reading “Framing Public Policy”