The Old Path to a New Normal

Dear Diary:
I believe the path to any new normal begins inside each of us. We are each on our own personal journeys. This has always been true.
Each day we create ourselves anew.
We bring forward our best self and leave the residue behind, like shedding our skins.
Each day each person reconnects with the others with whom we share this time and space. Together we generate new value that looks a lot like the old value.
There can be no other way forward.
Over millions of years our evolution has done exactly the same. Endlessly our genes diverge and converge and emerge while our planet allows.
What is change in millennia?
What will you take to your grave, to the other side?
What will you leave behind?
That is your path.
That others may follow.


Published by Randal B. Adcock

Independent author on philosophy and the human condition The ideas expressed in this blog are wholly my own and do not represent the opinions of any other organization or entity.

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