The Importance of Political Diversity and Integration

There are no two identical things anywhere in the universe – if you look closely enough. Life depends on the integration of diversity in our DNA, cells, tissues, organs and the whole being, as well as the social systems and ecosystems in which we are embedded.

Throughout the human population we have countless ways in which we are both similar and different. Political differences are good for us as a whole provided they are effectively integrated.

Through millions of years our species has depended on all these similarities and differences for our survival. As individuals we cannot learn as much as we can as a community. Ironically, even as we compete, the rewards of competition are shared.

Collectively, our personal differences widen the scope of things we will study, comprehend and utilize. Math, language, science, the arts, and ‘spiritual’ pursuits have all contributed to our modern civilization. Yet don’t ask me about math!

THEREFORE it behooves us to tolerate, appreciate and then embrace our political differences as well. We would not be the advanced civilization or species we are today if it were not for some critical differences among us across the population – including political differences! This variety makes us stronger.

There is growing evidence from the works of moral, social and political psychology, that our different political dispositions are largely based on our different biological (brain) constitutions. Can we deny our own human nature of which each of us is only a subset?

We must figure out how to establish a new dialogue to bridge left and right before we have chaos and civil war that divides families, communities and nations. Together, left and right are not only stronger, but only together are we sustainable.

In an ideal democracy it is the dialogue that rules, leading to a synthesis of best ideas, and occasionally brute compromise.

What we have to screen out are those who are biologically or psychologically unfit to represent the public interest. Unfortunately for us, both left and right have been duped by these individuals who have over the course of their lives mastered the art and craft of mimicking and manipulating the emotions of others. As self-actualizing deviants they are drawn to positions of power, acquiring useful knowledge and skills along the way.

Again, left and right are not immune. The left may see the deviance in a right leader, while the right will see the deviance in the leaders on the left. Then the whole tribe is tainted. Your leader is telling you what you want to hear. Of course my leader is noble and righteous! And these sentiments are inflamed in times of chaos when good leadership is critical.

On an additional note, I don’t believe that all politicians start out as narcissists, but many of them seem to become narcissistic as they get more power. For one thing, testosterone increases as someone gets more popular or powerful. Then they get more paranoid. Then they consolidate power against the evil ones who would dethrone them.

If there is a failing in democracy, it is that we have not adopted better screening and management of our leaders. There were signed petitions by American psychiatrists and psychologist about Trump’s psychological disorders. But they were ignored.

Back to moral and political psychology. We need to embrace left and right as part of our human condition. We need to find a way to build and maintain a constructive dialogue among our fellow humans.

Published by Randal B. Adcock

Independent author on philosophy and the human condition The ideas expressed in this blog are wholly my own and do not represent the opinions of any other organization or entity.

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